Meet Our Team - Lori

Lori Rowzee

Admin, Reservations

808.667.7088 x118

"I am a third generation Sansei of a local Japanese family. I feel that I was very lucky growing up in Lahaina with all its culture. All the different ethnic groups made life very interesting and a learning experience that I took with me when I moved to the mainland. I grew to respect each culture for what was significant to them. This I believe is how the majority of people in Hawaii feel and that is why Hawaii is referred to as a 'melting pot'. I lived most of my adult life in California and for a short while in Texas. The people of both of these states are great! But moving back to Maui after being gone for over 30 years made me realize that I truly missed the Aloha Spirit of the people of Hawaii. I genuinely wish for all visitor's to Hawaii that you experience that spirit. It's like the saying goes ~ "Lucky we live Hawaii".”