Meet Our Team - Lorraine

Lorraine Young

Assistant, Accounting

808.667.7088 x114

"After living in California, Kentucky, and Florida…the sounds of the islands (and mom) brought me back to my hometown of Lahaina with a family of my own - a husband and son. I graduated USC with a BA in English with an Emphasis in Creative Writing and since then I’ve worked in diverse career fields…from Preschool Teacher, Sales, Desktop Publishing, Banking, and my current field of Accounting (where my left brain is currently getting quite a workout). Fear not, my right brain remains inspired as I still enjoy writing short stories and poetry. An avid Detroit sports fan (you can credit my Michigan-born husband for that), I can speak football, hockey, and baseball just as well as Shakespeare, Poe, and Frost. I’m also a huge music and movie nerd, and I can never turn down a game of Scrabble. In each state I’ve lived and in each career field I’ve worked, I like to think that my sense of humor and aloha can brighten anyone’s day. "