Meet Our Team - Sandra

Sandra Weininger

Housekeeping Coordinator, Trinity Maid Company

808.667.7088 x 108

" Aloha…or should I say 'Guten Tag'?

I was born and raised in Germany. My husband and I came to Hawaii in 1996 after getting our green cards right after finishing college. We met while studying tourism, which is very appropriate since we both love traveling. We thought we would like it in Hawaii, but never imagined staying here this long. In all our many travels, we have yet to find a place we’d rather live. A tropical island with year round warm weather, beautiful scenery, friendly people…it’s a hard act to follow. We hope to take many more trips, but we might never leave this spectacular place. Germany is a fine country, but we love our new home and scuba diving in a cold lake is just not the same as in the tropical waters around Maui…"