Maui Jim Oceanfest

Multi-craft racing series

Returning again is the MAUI JIM Waterman series, which is a 5 race series within the ISLAND AIR Ocean Racing Series that utilizes a different paddle disciplines during each selected event to determine the best all-around waterman/woman.  There are 5 disciplines: OC-1, Surfski, SUP (14’ rudderless), 12’ Prone Paddleboard and V-1.


The point designation will be based on your overall finish in the designated craft division for the day.  There are 5 races in the Waterman Series, of which paddlers will earn points for their best 4 finishes.  The point system will be as follows:

1st place = 100 points
2nd place =98 points
3rd place = 97 points
4th place = 96 points
5th place = 95 points
6th place = 94 points

At the end of the series, add the points from each race entered (minimum 2 and maximum 4), and the paddler with the most points win.  Men and Women will be scored on their own point scale.  You must enter at least 2 waterman events to qualify points.

06/02/2018 - 10:15am
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