Hale Pa'ahao Lahaina Prison

Hale Pa'ahao was Lahaina's premier prison in the 1850's. The name "Hale Pa'ahao" ironically means "stuck in irons house". The prison was built out of necessity in the 1850's as a way of housing whaling sailors who got out of control while on the island. 

Side view of the Hale Pa'ahao Prison in Lahaina

The Hale Pa'ahao prison is truly a blast from the past, and cells have shackles and restraints that use to hold "difficult" prisoners. There are two seperate cells at Hale Pa'ahao, so that men and women could be kept seperated. 

Front of the Hale Pa'ahao Prison

By the 1960's, the Hale Pa'ahao prison was in bad shape and slowly falling apart. The Lahaina Resortation Foundation took over and rebuilt the grounds based on historical research. Today, you can tour the Hale Pa'ahao prison in Lahaina seven days a week - and admission is free!

Hallway in the Hale Pa'ahao Prison in Lahaina

Hale Pa'ahao Lahaina Prison Hours

  • Open daily, 10am - 4pm