Emergency Information - Local Resources


Fire & Police Department

Emergency calls for Police, Fire or Ambulance dial 911

Maui Police Department

Non-Emergency Number (808) 244-6400

Motor Vehicle Accident Reports (808) 244-6345

Road Closure Advisory Line (808) 986-1200

Weather (808) 871-6760


Medical Clinic/Hospital: (see telephone yellow pages for complete listings)

1. Doctors on Call – Hyatt Regency Maui                   

200 Nohea Kai Dr. #100

(808) 667-7676

2. Doctors on Call – Times Market North Kaanapali

3418 Lower Hnoapiilani Rd

(808) 667-9721

3. Kaiser Permanente Lahaina Clinic

       910 Wainee St

(808) 662-6900

4. Maui Medical Group

130 Prison St.

(808) 661-0051

 5. Minit Medical Urgent Care Clinic

305 Keawe St #507

(808) 667-6161

6. Urgent Care West Maui

2580 Kekaa Dr. #111

(808) 667-9721

7. Dr. Brendan Krause, Chiropractor

845 Wainee St

(808) 667-1801

 Maui Memorial Medical Center is the closest Emergency Room on the island and is located in Kahului.

221 Mahalani St. Wailuku, HI 96796

(808) 244-9056

Power Outage Information

 Maui Electric Company works hard to provide all of us with reliable electric service. But power outages could happen due to uncontrolled forces, such as tropical storm or a hurricane. The key to successfully weathering these situations is to be prepared.

 To report a power outage call (808) 870-7777 or 911 if it’s an emergency.

 Before calling to report an outage, check your condominium circuit breakers or fuses to help determine if your electric service might be a result of a household problem. Your on island Management Company can assist you with locating the circuit breakers.

 Directions & Information for Weather Disasters

 Maui Civil Defense/Evacuation

(808) 986-1200 or  (808) 270-7285

 The Emergency Alert System (EAS) is your official source of emergency information and instructions. This information originates from the county Emergency Operating Centers as well as state and federal partners.

If the Statewide Outdoor Warning Sirens sound (which are tested in the beginning of the month), turn “ON” your TV or radio. All radio stations have voluntarily agreed to participate in the EAS. In the event of a power outage, some stations are equipped with back-up generator power and will continue to stay on the air.  Stay tuned to these stations for further information and instructions. Take the necessary protective actions as directed and keep tuned to your radio for further updates.

During an emergency, a battery, hand-crank or solar-powered radio will be your primary source of information. If using a battery powered radio, be sure you have enough batteries to operate your radio for at least 24 hours. Emergency Management information will also be available on television and cable TV systems.

During a major power outage, the electric utility company will provide power restoration updates to the EAS. *** The owner/management company are not required by law to provide radios, flashlights, batteries etc.

 Definitions of Terms & Signals

      • Tropical Depression - A low-pressure system or cyclone with sustained winds of less than 39 miles per hour (mph).
      • Tropical Storm - A cyclone where winds range from 39 to 73 mph.
      • Hurricane – Hurricane Season runs from June 1st to November 30th every year. A tropical cyclone with winds of 74 mph or more. Torrential rains, destructive waves, and high waters known as storm surge, may create flood conditions in coastal and low-lying areas. More lives are claimed by storm surge and flooding in most parts of the world than by the winds of a hurricane. When a Tropical Depression forms, the NWS issues a series of advisories, which include watches and warnings, based on the strength and position of an approaching storm.
      • Earthquakes – There is NO earthquake season.  Earthquakes are a year-round, 24 hour-a-day threat and hazard to all the Hawaiian Islands. Earthquakes strike suddenly, without warning, and they can occur at any time of the year, day or night. We instruct you that in the event of an earthquake to get under a sturdy piece of furniture and hold on. It will help shelter you from falling objects that could injure you during an earthquake. Earthquakes can cause an immediate tsunami with no warning time, we advise you to grab what you can quickly and evacuate to higher ground ASAP.
      • Tsunamis - There is NO tsunami season. Tsunamis are a year-round, 24-hour-a-day threat and hazard to all shoreline areas of Hawai‘i. A tsunami warning is issued by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center when a potential tsunami with significant widespread inundation is imminent or expected. Warnings alert the public that widespread, dangerous coastal flooding, accompanied by powerful currents is possible, and may continue for several hours after the arrival of the initial wave.


Issued when a local earthquake with the potential to create a tsunami has occurred; and the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has determined damaging waves are probable. Sirens and other notification systems will sound immediately as wave travel time may be as short as 10-20 minutes. Persons in the tsunami evacuation zone should evacuate immediately.

When a Distant Tsunami Warning is issued, evacuation sirens will sound. Tsunami Refuge Center locations will be broadcast over TV, radio or NWR. You must bring all of your disaster supplies with you to the center.

In the event we do experience an evacuation because of one of the listed natural disasters, we recommend that you quickly pack your personal belongings, food, water, any flashlights or candles that you may find in your condominium (owner/management company is not required by law to provide on behalf of guests), and locate the phone book.  Each phone book lists a disaster preparedness guide and an evacuation map for each location of the island and where a safe zone is located. If time permits, please unplug all electrical outlets; fill up all bath tubs with water (in the event there is no running water),and gas up your vehicle.  

 In the event of emergency, information will be provided on our website at www.westmauicondos.com , an emergency text message will be generated and sent to the contact number you have provided us with, and our staff will do our best to be reachable at our office (808) 667-7088 to help assist in any way we can.