Maintenance and Construction Schedule

Updated: June 17, 2019 at 11:28 am HST 


Aloha Guest(s): Please be advised that NOT ALL of these projects apply to your stay.  Please check the applicable resort/condo where you are booked. 

{Resorts listed in alphabetical order}


HALE MAHINA BEACH RESORT:  Individual owner unit remodels

  • Unit B202 Unit remodel 9/9/19 x 6 weeks 


HOLOLANI BEACH RESORT:  Resort Improvements & Shoreline Repairs

>Elevator Repairs (Notice Received 2/8/19):

Major elevator repairs will be taking place on the elevators. During these dates, the elevator being worked on will be completely shut down. The elevator company will try their best to leave the elevators operational at the end of each work day, but they cannot guarantee it:

 “A” building from July 8th through July 12th  

 “B” building will be worked on from July 15th through July 19th 

>Spalling repairs and painting: July thru August 2019

(Update from Hololani Resident Manger 6/4/19): Kawikas Painting plans to arrive on property July 15th and spend the first week (July 15-19) mobilizing equipment, covering railings, setting up rigging on the North facing side of Building A. Owners and guests will not be able to use the small lanais on that "04" stack facing North that week, as prep and painting will be taking place that week.

 Then on or about August 5th-9th, the prep and painting will begin on the Building "A", "04" stack on the side facing the ocean. They will begin on the 8th floor and work down the "04" stack to the 1st floor. Owners and guests will not be able to use their ocean facing lanais on the Building "A", "04" stack during that week.

 Then, they will repeat the process starting on the 8th floor of the "03" stack. Each stack will require a week to complete. They will continue painting each stack accordingly, each stack taking about a week. 

 During this period, from July 15th-August 9th, Kawikas will be removing the carpets on the East facing exterior walkways of Building "A" and grinding old adhesive, repairing cracks, etc. 

 Prepping and painting of the West facing side of Building "A" will take about one month. 

That is as far out as Kawikas wants to advance a project Schedule. With their input I will provide additional schedules as the project proceeds.During the entire project, owners and guests can expect to see workmen, scaffolding, some grinding sound, etc., depending on how many cracks and spalling repairs are required. Removal and prepping of the exterior walkways will create some inconvenience and noise during July-22-August 9th, but will not prevent owners and guests from accessing their unit. Additional updates will be provided as work progresses

(Original Notice Received 2/8/19): Beginning on July 15th, spalling repairs (places where weather has caused visible damage to the building) and painting will begin on Building “A”. When Building “A” is finished they will start on Building “B”. The entire project will take approximately 4 months. When the painting is completed, new carpeting will be installed on the exterior walkways on each floor. The painting project should have minimal impact on owners and guests.

>There is no beach access on the property and resort staff strongly recommends you use an alternative beach access within walking distance for most.

See: Beach Conditions


HONUA KAI RESORT & SPA:  2019 Pest control schedule + Luana Development + Resort Improvements

>Quarterly Pest Control for 2019 Interior & exterior services (services start at 8am)

  • Konea 6/20/19
  • Hokulani 6/21/19
  • Konea 9/19/19
  • Hokulani 9/20/19
  • Konea 12/19/19
  • Hokulani 12/20/19

 The dates above are tentative and subject to change based on weather/equipment/staff by Mid-Pacific.

 >Luana Development (final phase of Honua Kai development)

You can expect work to commence as follows:   Monday through Saturday from 9am - 5pm   Light work (no noise) is to be expected from 8am – 9am and possibly 5pm – 6pm daily as well.

~Evening work scheduled at NE corner of property.  This area is just south of the north gate entrance/egress. 5/22-5/24/19 excavation work

 >Lazy River Hot Tub Repairs: 5/28-6/11/19. 9-5 daily excluding Sundays.  Exect intermitten noise.


KAANAPALI ROYAL: Resort Improvements, Individual Unit Improvement and Fees Increase Notice

Fees Increase Notice (Posted 5/20/19)

  • Effective July 1, 2019, Ka’anapali Royal’s resort fee structure will change to $20/day, payable at the resort, whether or not guests are parking a vehicle, with a cap at 7 days/$140.00.  Second vehicles are an additional $140, 2 cars maximum. 
  •  Rentals with arrivals on July 1, 2019 and beyond that are confirmed by May 31, 2019 will still pay the previous flat parking fee of $80/vehicle. 

 Individual Unit Improvements (notice received 5/3/19):

  •  Unit H-102 renovations as follows:  Dates are 5/15/19 for 6 - 8 weeks. (Replacing kitchen cabinets, replace the countertop with quartz or granite, replacing bathroom vanities and countertops, replacing both shower tile walls with ceramic tile. replacing carpet with either vinyl or tile.)


KAHANA OUTRIGGER: Resort Improvements + unit updates

>Exterior Dry Rot Repairs {Notice received 5/25/18}:

  • Building 1 - Exterior Repairs: Building 1 will be closed to guests for the time period of May 1-May 6, 2019.   
  • Building 3 - Sept 9 -Oct 11, 2019 {updated 12/4/18}
  • Building 2 - Mar 30-May 1, 2020 {posted 2/11/19} - UPDATE as of 5/2/19: Construction is nearly complete but there may be some exterior painting taking place into the week starting 5/5/19.
  • Building 4 -Sept 14 -Oct 30, 2020 {posted 4/8/19}

>Unit 1A2-Unit improvements 9/9-9/27/19: Update all three bathroom vanities, install tile and update (1) shower.  {posted 5/3/19}


KAHANA REEF:  Sea Wall Repair Project = 3 Phases over 3 years June 2018 - Oct 2020 (Updated 1/14/19 and 5/16/19) 

  • Phase 1 2018 - COMPLETE  
  • Phase 2 2019 - June 1 to approx. Nov. of 2019 (4-5 month project; start date pending SMA approval- start date delay notice received 3/10/19)
  • Phase 3 2020 - April thru Oct of 2020

The sea wall repair will begin with the area in front of the pool. The south parking lot will be the staging and access area for repair of the section fronting the pool. The pool may or may not be off limits during portions of this repair.

Update 6/17/19:


Repair of Phase 2 has begun. The contractor had made some last minute changes. Repair staging and access will remain at the south end of the complex. The repair is beginning at the north end of Phase 2 and moving south, then tying into Phase 1.  There is a sink hole in Phase 3 area of the yard. We are watching it closely. While the contractor and equipment are on site, we will have a temporary repair done using the same method as the south end's temporary repair with geofabric and sand bags. This repair may use the north end for access.  Updates will continue. Last minute changes and unexpected events should be expected. Thank you for reminding your guests that the construction area is off limits and to please respect the areas that are cordoned off.


The standard work week is Monday through Friday, 8am-4pm. As we have learned from Phase 1, this is subject to change. Portions of the repair must be done when the tides are most favorable (low). This will alter some work days and times for repair to early mornings and Saturdays. We will do our best to notify you when repair times/days fall outside of the standard schedule however please know now that there is no guarantee of advance notice.


PLUMBING PROJECT AFFECTING UNITS ENDING IN "09" and "10" (Notice recieved 05/17/19):

The HOA at Kahana Reef is overseeing a plumbing project starting in late May through around June 20th at Kahana Reef.   It effects the units in the 09 and 10 stacks.  The 09 and 10 stacks will not have any water, as all the pipes in the bathrooms and kitchen are being replaced.  There could be construction noise as a result.


LAHAINA SHORES: Unit improvement project(s) 

  • Unit #433 partial remodel 5/12 - 7/15/19 {dates tentative, exact schedule has yet to be finalized}

 >There is a (large) private home being built next door to the (south end of the property).  Home is expected to take 9-18 more months to complete {updated 3/7/19}


LOKELANI BEACH RESORT: Resort & unit improvements

  • Unit #A203 repair lanai and install new tile on lanai (posted 3/1/19; updated 5/9/19): Tentative/pending 3-week project from May 1 to May 20th.  The lanai repairs for A 203 will occur between 9/3/2019 to 9/23/2019.

Update as of 3/26/19 Project has been postponed Sept or early Oct 2019:

Message received from the Lokelani Resident ManagerWe do plan to conduct a maintenance project -- sealing all 54 lanais  (project start date TBD). This will have a 4-hour impact on each lanai (including moving furniture, applying the sealant, allowing for drying time, and replacing the lanai furniture.)  We will attempt to minimize distribution for all guests while also working efficiently with our vendor.  The vendor has been authorized to work up to six days weekly (Sundays are mandatory off-days).   Work must be complete, including Oceanside clean-up activities, by 5 PM daily. When not working on the lanais noted above, the vendor will be repairing stucco and tile cracks on various lanais (typically when the units are not occupied, under supervision of the Lokelani resident manager).


MAHANA: Resort maintenance + unit updates:


  • Unit #215 Install floor tile 7/11-7/26/19 (notice received 4/25/19)


MAUI KAANAPALI VILLAS: Individual unit updates

  • Unit A221 Remodel 8/1-9/30/19 {posted 5/6/19}
  • Unit A501 Remodel Now thru 6/28/19 (posted 5/7/19}
  • Unit B247 Remodel 9/3-10/8/19 {posted 5/7/19}
  • Unit E289 Remodel 5/24-6/11/19 {posted 5/7/19}


MAUI SANDS and MAUI SANDS SEASIDE:  Sea Wall repairs + shoreline closures

>Update from Maui Sands 5/6/19: The sea wall work in front of the 5 building is expected to be completed by the end of summer 2019.  Plans are to stop work and start working again next year 2020 in front of the 4 Building.

>Additional Details from the Resident Manager and AOAO dated 1/6/19 and updated 3/19/19:

Seawall repair work will begin on the south side (building 5) - of the property (Oceanside). 

We just received a notice that the seawall repair work will be starting on April 15, 2019.  It is supposed to take about 8 months.

 If all goes well, the contractor will be working Mondays through Fridays during the work day.  Because the tides and weather are iffy, there will most likely be days that they are not working.

  • Construction will start at the south end of building 5. 
  • Guests WILL have access to grills (Except Maui Seaside #717).
  • There is a temporary observation deck which you will have access to, and stairs on the north side of building 4 which may require a bit of a walk around the construction staging area.
  • There WILL be ocean access during working hours.

>Notice from Maui Sands Board of Directors:

We understand that this is going to be a disruption for a great length of time. But we are trying to do everything we can to ensure that it is a smooth process with as few hiccups as possible.  We are giving you these timelines and preliminary information to ensure that if you have a vacation rental property you will have enough lead time to make your guests aware.

We are presently working on the specifics of the staging area and at this point it looks like the grassy area between the shuffleboard/BBQ and building five as well as the area with the cement pad in front of the viewing deck, will be the staging area.  We are very limited for turnaround space and this is the only large area that we can use. Parking lots are not an option. Also access for equipment will come in from the North parking lot and enter the property between buildings two and three, where there will be a safety/dust barrier that then runs down towards the staging area and seawall. 

 >Notice dated 2/13/18: Due to ongoing shoreline erosion issues the sunset deck and the stairs next to it have been closed indefinitely.  There is a stairway to ocean access at the north end of Building #4.


PAPAKEA BEACH RESORT:  Resort maintenance & Unit Improvements {please note Maui Sands Sea Wall Repair Project may be heard from Papakea, see above for schedule}


Papakea’s annual fire alarm test will take place on 7/16/19. The technicians will be testing each pull station/horn strobe and fire panel on every building. Each horn strobe will be activated only for a few seconds. Please communicate accordingly with your guests.The AOAO will also post notices on each door.

 Individual Unit Updates as of 6/1/19:

  • Unit A106 Install new lanai door 7/7-7/31/19 pending approval
  • Unit A308 Relocate washer supply box, install new appliances, cabinet work, paint & caulk 7/1-7/5/19 pending approval
  • Unit A403 Install new lanai door July 2019 pending approval 
  • Unit A404 Tile loft bathroom 9/2-9/21/19 Unit
  • Unit A405 Install new lanai door July 2019 pending approval
  • Unit B304 Install new lanai door July 2019 pending approval
  • Unit C301 Bathroom remodel 6/17-7/8/19 
  • Unit D407 Install new lanai door July 2019 pending approval
  • Unit E307 Unit remodel 6/27-9/6/19 (expect demo noise)
  • Unit F106 Install new lanai door July 2019 pending approval
  • Unit F204 install new lanai door 6/12/19/pending approval
  • Unit F209 Install new lanai door July 2019 pending approval
  • Unit F310 Kitchen and bathroom repairs TBD/pending approval
  • Unit F404 Kitchen & bathroom remodel + tile floor installation.  9/2-11/8/19 (expect demo noise)
  • Unit H101 Install new lanai door & Split AC system  July 2019 pending approval
  • Unit H202 Install new lanai door July 2019 pending approval
  • Unit K202 Install new lanai door July 2019 pending approval
  • Unit K204 Install new lanai door July 2019 pending approval
  • Unit K307 Install Split AC system June or July 2019 pending approval
  • Unit K401 Install new lanai door July 2019 pending approval
  • Unit K401 Replaced cabinet doors in kitchen and bathroom, re-tile 2 showers 8/18-9/16/19 (expect demo noise)
  • Unit L404 Install lanai door  + bedroom window July 2019 TBD/pending approval

>5/6/19 Front desk moving to new temporary location

>5/13-8/12/19 Lobby Remodel

Preventative Battery Replacement on Key Card Locks (posted 5/20/19):

Starting on the first week of June, we will be performing preventive maintenance and battery replacement on all of the key card locks on property.  To perform the job, we will have to open the door of each unit and it will take 15 minutes per lock to be completed.  Notices will be posted 24 hours in advance on every door.


POHAILANI  (Notice Dated 6/8/19):

The adjacent Kahana Reef Resort will be starting the second phase of their seawall work beginning next week June 10, 2019. In the first week they will be mobilizing the job, and beginning the actual construction on the wall the following week. They will be bringing equipment and material through the south end of their property, but the actual work will be done further north on their property as they have completed the work adjacent to our property in phase 1. They will be working from their pool area north, and are expected to be working on this project for the next 3 to 4 months. Their scope of work as I understand it is they will be excavating behind their existing wall and adding concrete fortifications to the existing wall from behind and adding a concrete cap.  

 Sometime during this period they will also be coming onto our property to fill our sinkholes created this last winter. We do not have a date for this work at this time.



ROYAL KAHANA:  Pest control schedule + Resort Improvements

>Pending projects: {posted 6/6/19}

  • Replacement of ADA pool lift
  • Install cover over grill area
  • Replacement of 1st floor patio foot lights
  • Reinstallation of propane tiki light torches
  • Replace dry sand pipe

>Refurbishment of Pool Deck area scheduled for 9/23-10/11/19 {posted 6/6/19}

>Pest Control:  Interior/Exterior starting at 7am {Notice Received 1/10/19}

  • 8/9/19
  • 11/9/19

The dates above are tentative.

Please note that the adjacent Valley Isle Resort plans on rebuilding the health club, the porte cochere, the lobby, and the walkway to their high-rise is underway starting roughly Aug 1, 2019 and ending around May 2020.  It is not known if Royal Kahana guests in the south portion of the building will be affected by noise.



VALLEY ISLE BEACH RESORT: Resort Improvements/Projects/Shoreline Conditions

>Scheduled water shut downs 9am to 1pm on the following dates:


  • June 14th        
  • September 13th    
  • December 13th         


  • March 13th               
  • June 12th             
  • September 11th         
  • December 11th      


  • March 12th               
  • June 11th                 
  • September 10th 
  • December 10th            

>Commercial Building Project Update as of 3/11/19: 

Planning for the rebuilding of the health club, the porte cochere, the lobby, and the walkway to the high-rise is underway.  Here is an estimated timeline:

  • Commence Construction (proposed start date - pending permitting approval process) July 1, 2019 Aug 1, 2019
  • Complete construction estimated completion date: end of Jan 2020 May 2020

>Beach access at the Valley Isle Resort may be closed from time to time due to ocean and swell conditions. Sandbags have been installed along the shoreline. 



Facilities Fee Increase (posted 3/09/19) 

Effective April 1, 2019, the Resort Amenities Fee will increase from $20 + tax per night to $25 + tax per night.

Unit + Resort Improvements (revised 4/22/19)

  • Unit 352 Unit remodel 4/8-7/19/19 
  • Unit 761 Wall paper removal + paint 9/16-9/25/19 (pending approval)

Posted 6/1/2019:

Please be aware of the following renovations log updates.  Expect noise as follows:

 Unit #823

 Quiet Work 6/3-6/13

 Indoor replacement