Maintenance and Construction Schedule

Updated: December 10, 2018 at 1:39 pm  HST

Aloha Guest(s): Please be advised that NOT ALL of these projects apply to your stay.  Please check the applicable resort/condo where you are booked. 

{Resorts listed in alphabetical order}



  • Unit B102 Kitchen Remodel 3/6-4/19/2019 


HOLOLANI BEACH RESORT:  Pool Closure/Pool Deck Replacement, Beach Access, Elevator Service & Shoreline Repairs**

>Message from Resident Manager 11/30/18:  The pool deck will be replaced starting Jan, 2, 2019 for approximately 4 weeks, resulting in the closure of the pool during this time.  Extra grills will be placed elsewhere on the property for guest use.

>Elevators will be out of service for repairs: A building 12/17-12/21/18 B Building 1/7-1/11/19

>Due to an unsafe sea wall condition there is no beach access on the property and resort staff strongly recommends you use an alternative beach access within walking distance for most.

>Shoreline Work: Update as of 10/31/18: Phase B of a shoreline revetment project will begin August 1 2018 through some time in February 2019.  The sheet pile driving is supposed to end by Halloween, but other work may still be noisy and disruptive including new sandbags, the concrete cap and redoing the pool deck.  A dust fence will be installed around the property that could be around 6’ on the ocean side and possibly up to 12’ on the street side. Work hours are Monday through Saturday from 8am to 5pm.  The pool may be closed intermittently.

**It is possible that noise from this Hololani project may be heard at our units at the adjacent Royal Kahana and Pohailani resorts.

See: Beach Conditions


HONUA KAI RESORT & SPA:  Luana Development (final phase of Honua Kai development)

You can expect work to commence as follows:   Monday through Saturday from 9am - 5pm   Light work (no noise) is to be expected from 8am – 9am and possibly 5pm – 6pm daily as well. 


KAANAPALI ROYAL:  AC Chillers + Lower Parking Lot Closure: Buildings A thru G

11/15/18 An update today from the Kaanapali Royal about the south chiller: The ship date for the south chiller has been pushed back about 2 weeks to 11/28/18 with arrival on Maui on 12/28/18. Then it has to be installed. No update on the parts for the north plant. 

11/5/18: A/C in the A thru G buildings, are completely out of service.  The South Chiller is scheduled to ship by 11/15 12/28.  It's coming from Wisconsin over land and water. Once it arrives it should take our contractor about 5 days to install.

The North Chiller (servicing buildings H thru Q) is operating at about 75% as one of the compressors is down. Replacement parts have to come from the Mainland.

We have issued a purchase order to our contractor to buy all the necessary components to bring the chiller to 100%.  Unfortunately, lead times are long. We estimate arrival and installation should happen by the end of January.


KAHANA OUTRIGGER: Resort Improvements

>Dry Rot Repairs {Notice received 5/25/18}:

  • Building 1 Exterior Repairs: Building 1 will be closed to guests for the time period of April 3-May 6, 2019.
  • Building 3 Sept 9 -Oct 11, 2019 {updated 12/4/18}


KAHANA REEF:  Sea Wall Repair Project =3 Phases over 3 years June 2018 - Oct 2020 

  •  Phase 1 2018 - June through Oct of 2018 December 2018.  

>Update as of 12/01/18: We at the final stage of Phase 1.  The final concrete pour for tomorrow has been rescheduled for Monday, Dec.3rd, at 11am. Demobilization will begin Tuesday 12/4/18.

  • Phase 2 2019 - April thru Oct of 2019
  • Phase 3 2020 - April thru Oct of 2020

Some of the things you may expect during construction:

Construction hours are Monday through Friday 8am - 5pm. The workers will carpool on site. They will arrive approximately 7:30am to stage the equipment and supplies for the day's work.  This will create some degree of noise.  The construction work begins at 8am. The work will require heavy machinery. The work will be loud and disruptive. Part of the work is the removal of existing concrete which will require hammering. South area of parking lot will lose parking spaces to construction equipment and supplies Makai lawn areas will be off limits in and around the construction area, beginning at the south end. There is a possibility that the south amenities, including the pool, may be off limits.

Some of the south parking lot will be off limits to parking due to the storage of the contractor's equipment and supplies. This may make parking a little tight. As a reminder, there is a one car per unit limit in the parking lot. Please know that the limit may be enforced at any time should the parking situation warrant such.

The front lawn will be off limits around the area of construction. When construction reaches a certain point, then the pool may also be off limits. 

LAHAINA SHORES: Unit improvement project(s)

  • Unit #216 unit remodel 4/3/19-?

LOKELANI BEACH RESORT: Resort & unit improvements

Message received from the Lokelani Resident Manager on 10/20/18 (update 12/5/18 no start date yet):

We do plan to conduct a maintenance project -- sealing all 54 lanais  (project start date TBD). This will have a 4-hour impact on each lanai (including moving furniture, applying the sealant, allowing for drying time, and replacing the lanai furniture.)    We will attempt to minimize distribution for all guests while also working efficiently with our vendor.

The vendor has been authorized to work up to six days weekly (Sundays are mandatory off-days).   Work must be complete, including Oceanside clean-up activities, by 5 PM daily.  When not working on the lanais noted above, the vendor will be repairing stucco and tile cracks on various lanais (typically when the units are not occupied, under supervision of the Lokelani resident manager).


MAHANA: Resort maintenance + unit updates:

  • Unit #401 Kitchen & bath remodel 10/8-12/14/18.  Demo noise 10/8-10/12 {posted 8/8/18}
  • Unit #405 install new lanai doors 2/21 - 22/19 (information updated 12/10/18) 

***UPDATE 12/10/18: Please note that the living room lanai sliding door is out of service in unit #405 only until Feb, 22, 2019.  Shipment from the mainland for early December 2018 was delayed due to circumstances beyond our control. The lanai IS accessible from the bedroom sliding door.***

  • Unit #706 install new lanai doors 12/10 - 12/11/18  {posted 11/16/18}


MAUI SANDS:  Sea Wall repairs + shoreline closures

>Notice from Maui Sands dated 11/16/18: The permit for the seawall repair has been approved as of Nov. 13th.  The staging area is being planned next week and more information will be forthcoming as we know more.  Repair of the seawall could begin as early as November 26. 

>Notice dated 2/13/18: Due to ongoing shoreline erosion issues the sunset deck and the stairs next to it have been closed indefinitely.  There is a stairway to ocean access at the north end of Building #4.

>Notice dated 12/5/17: Emergency sinkhole repairs in front of Buildings #4 & #5.  For safety reasons shoreline areas between lanais and seawall are closed off.  Seawall professionals are alerting county officials to secure necessary permits to make repairs. 


PAPAKEA BEACH RESORT:  Resort maintenance & Unit Improvements

 Individual Unit Updates as of 12/4/18

  • Unit A106 Bathroom remodel + new flooring. TBD
  • Unit A305 Install split AC system 2/1-2/15/19
  • Unit A401 Bathroom remodel 2/16-3/16/19 pending approval
  • Unit A406 Bathroom remodel 11/1-12/14/18
  • Unit F102 Bathroom remodel 1/7-1/28/19 pending approval
  • Unit G104 bathroom remodel w/tile 11/25-12/14/18
  • Unit J205 Kitchen remodel, new tile interior + lanai, windows 7/11-12/31/18

 >Fumigation Schedule 2019:

  • Building K:  Fumigation is scheduled to occur 5/6/19 - 5/11/2019
  • Building L:  Fumigation is scheduled to occur 5/13/19 - 5/18/2019 


POHAILANI:  Unit #203 remodel

 Update as of 8/4/18: Unit #203 is currently undergoing a full remodel. Project is estimated to be complete by 12/10/18

**Please see notice above for Hololani shoreline work; Noise may be heard at our units at the adjacent Royal Kahana and Pohailani resorts.


ROYAL KAHANA:  Resort Projects + Shoreline

Message from Royal Kahana AOAO 12/4/18:  

>Pool and beach access are currently open.  The access will remain open as long as access can be made safely.  

>Ample parking is available now with the removal of the tennis courts.  

>The installation of the solar power array on the roof is nearly complete and poses no noise issues.  

>There will be some minor beach repair work affecting a small area adjacent to the Valley aisle Resort, but the dates are still to be determined, most likely in early January.  No disruption of beach or pool access is anticipated.

 >Pest Control will be on property the first week in March, the date is yet to be scheduled.

 **Please see notice above for Hololani shoreline work; Noise may be heard at our units at the adjacent Royal Kahana and Pohailani resorts.


VALLEY ISLE BEACH RESORT: Resort Improvements/Projects/Shoreline Conditions

 >The carpeting and windows in the 1, 4, & 10 stacks are scheduled for cleaning December 2018.

 >Notice received from Resident Mgr 12/5/18: Starting 12/17/18 Kone Elevator will be installing new door closing equipment on both elevators.  One elevator will be taken down at a time to perform this service.  Once the first elevator is complete, the 2nd one will be serviced.  The equipment upgrade will take 4-6 days to complete.  Please be patient the wait time for the elevator may be longer than normal.

  • Scheduled water shut downs 9am to 1pm:  Dec 14, 2018

>Commercial Building Project Update as of 11/4/18: Planning for the rebuilding of the health club, the porte cochere, the lobby, and the walkway to the high-rise is underway.  Here is an estimated timeline:

  • Commence Construction (After permit is issued) July 1, 2019
  • Complete construction estimated to take 9 months to complete, end of Jan 2020

 >Beach access at the Valley Isle Resort may be closed from time to time due to ocean and swell conditions. Sandbags have been installed along the shoreline. 


WHALER ON KAANAPALI BEACH: Unit + Resort Improvements (updated 11/30/18)

  •  Unit 112 Closet + door installation 5/28-6/4/19 (approval pending)
  •  Unit 118 Bathroom remodel 2/19-3/9/19
  •  Unit 508 door installation 12/3-12/19/18
  • Unit 663 Remodel 11/12-12/22/18
  •  Unit 702 Remodel 8/27-1/25/19 10/22-2/22/19
    • Unit 764 Remodel 10/5-11/22/28 12/4/18
    • Unit 1060 Remodel 10/5-12/14/18 
    • Unit 1262 Wall bed installation 12/12-12/17/18