Maintenance and Construction Schedule


 Upated 05/28/2020 3:39pm

Aloha Guest(s): Please be advised that NOT ALL of these projects apply to your stay.  Please check the applicable resort/condo where you are booked. 

{Resorts listed in alphabetical order}




HALE MAHINA: Exterior Painting Resort-wide JUNE 1 - approx. November 2020 (posted Nov. 5, 2019; Updated 1/12/2020 and 5/12/2020)

The resort-wide exterior painting project is now scheduled to begin on June 1, 2020.   Bldg. A work will begin on June 1, 2020 until approximately June 12, 2020.  Then work on Bldg. B. is scheduled from June 15th to approximately June 30th.  (Weather Permitting).   

We do apologize for the short notice, but the decision to paint the walkways and stairs during low occupancy will “free-up” the original scheduled “black-out” dates made for later this year.  The remainder of the work will then resume on August 3, 2020. 

Additional details and schedule will follow as information becomes available.  There will be crew, scaffolding, an extension boom truck, power washing, sanding and typical paint odors on the premises and lanai items may need to be removed for the project.



There is an ongoing painting project at the resort that should not have any great affect on guests per the resident manager.

>There is no beach access on the property and resort staff strongly recommends you use an alternative beach access within walking distance for most.

See: Beach Conditions


HONUA KAI RESORT & SPA:  2020 Pest control schedule + Luana Development + Resort Improvements

Pest Control:

Thurs, June 18th 8am Konea Tower

Fri, June 19th Hokulani Tower

Thurs, Sept 17th 8am Konea Tower

Fri, Sept 18th Hokulani Tower

Thurs, Dec 17th 8am Konea Tower

Fri, Dec 18th Hokulani Tower

>Luana Development: final phase of Honua Kai development expected to be completed June/July 2020.

You can expect work to commence as follows:   Monday through Saturday from 9am - 5pm   Light work (no noise) is to be expected from 8am – 9am and possibly 5pm – 6pm daily as well.

>Resort Repainting is expected to take place Sept. - Nov. 2020


KAANAPALI ROYAL:  Resort Improvements, Individual Unit Updates, Fees Increase Notice

Fees Increase Notice (Posted 5/20/19)

  • Effective July 1, 2019, Ka’anapali Royal’s resort fee structure will change to $20/day, payable at the resort, whether or not guests are parking a vehicle, with a cap at 7 days/$140.00.  Second vehicles are an additional $140, 2 cars maximum.  


KAHANA OUTRIGGER: Resort Improvements + unit updates

>Exterior Dry Rot Repairs {Notice received 5/25/18}:

  • Building 4 -Sept 22 -Oct 16, 2020 {posted 4/8/19; updated 4/10/2020}



Sea Wall Repair Project = 3 Phases over 3 years June 2018 - Dec 2020

  • Phase 1 2018 - COMPLETE  
  •  Phase 2 2019 - COMPLETE** 
  • Phase 3 2020** - April 1 thru approx early-December 2020

Update from resort posted 4/21/2020:  

The third and final phase of the seawall repair is underway. Work began as scheduled the first of April. It is crucial that the repair must continue without delay and that completion is achieved by the end of the year. This final phase will include repair of the additional work area along the north property line and at the northwest corner of Bldg C. This additional area was not part of the original seawall repair scope of work and budget. This additional area became devastatingly undermined by the ocean late last year, towards the end of phase 2 work.

Update from resort posted 1/10/2020:  

The permit for phase 3 has been approved. We will begin phase 3 of our seawall repair on or about April 1, 2020. As with the previous two phases, it is unknown how long this third phase will take. The previous two phases finished in December.  This does not mean that phase 3 will finish in December.  We should know more about an estimated completion date of phase 3 around July 2020.


LAHAINA ROADS (Posted 3/20/2020):

The board just finished a call regarding the pool at Lahaina Roads.  According to the management company the pool is licensed as a public pool so their council is we have to close it down.  Given the BBQ is within the pool gates they are closing it too.  


LOKELANI BEACH RESORT: Resort & unit improvements

 Posted 10/17/2019:

Lokelani has been exceptionally fortunate with its seawall longevity thanks to foresightful decision-making by its association 20+ years ago.  Seawall erosion has been a major and ongoing issue in west Maui over the past several years, with several area resorts having experienced major losses and months-long reconstruction projects.  In addition to normal wear and tear, changes in climate patterns and rising sea levels are believed to major causes of accelerated seawall and shoreline decline.  The upcoming Lokelani seawall project will involve 14-21 days of drilling and repair preparation necessary to ensure that our seawall remains strong and sustainable well into the future.  While there will inevitably be some noise and other contractor activity around this project, we do not anticipate any issues with access to Lokelani facilities or the beach.  The condominium building and units will not be involved in the repair.   We feel fortunate that this effort is comparatively minor thanks to the original, environmentally-sensitive seawall design and construction.

The Lokelani Board has approved the following forward steps:

** MAY/JUNE 2020:   We are anticipating a 4-day seawall project that should have minimal guest impact.   It may require some parking adjustment, but otherwise will not negatively impact guest enjoyment of Lokelani.

** Q2/Q3 2020:   Lokelani will be engaging in a comprehensive painting project in summer/fall 2020.   At this writing, we do not anticipate that this project will negatively impact Rental.   We are attempting to schedule the project for September 2020, but are still negotiating with vendors.  Thus, this is an advisory communication only -- we will share an update when a vendor contract has been finalized.

UPDATE POSTED 01/23/2020:

SEAWALL:  Phase 2 of our seawall reinforcement will take place after High Season, whenever beach conditions are appropriate.   The AOAO board understands the impact this will have on owners, especially those who rely on rental income. AOAO will provide as much advance notice as possible regarding project schedules, but please note that nature is ultimately in control.  Our current guesstimate is late May.  The project will begin outside C building, and will continue to the south for approximately 3 weeks.  

The board approved a proposal from Performance Painting, which will be executed beginning Monday, Aug. 17.   The entire Lokelani facility will be painted, including doors and railings.   The project will begin in C building for approximately two weeks, then B and A building also for two weeks each (weather permitting).  Buildings will remain accessible during the painting process, with specific units addressed on a solitary day.  (Example:  A103 windows and patio doors would be taped with plastic protection a specific Wednesday).  Our site manager will update owners/guests regarding their unit's "painting day''  throughout the process. 

Cleaning the second-floor walkway will be completed during the first quarter.  It will likely be resurfaced later this year.


MAHANA: Resort maintenance: 

 >Routine Pest Control (Posted 1/4/2020):

Monday, July. 20th  - Lanai Tower and Tuesday, July 21st  - Molokai Tower

Monday, Oct 19th  - Lanai Tower and Tuesday, Oct 20th - Molokai Tower

Although this traatment has a minor odor, sensitive persons may wish to leave the condo for two (2) hours.





Resort Parking Lot Repaving Project (Posted 1/30/2020; Updated 2/7/2020)

Please be advised Maui Kaanapali Villas will undergo a parking lot asphalt and improvement project beginning Monday, May 4, 2020. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the project is expected for completion by Monday, June 15, 2020.
While our owners and guests will hear noise from the project area, our team will take every possible measure to ensure their comfort, enjoyment and safety. Castaway Cafe, Ocean Pool and
the beach will not be impacted.

• Project includes resurfacing and striping of the resort parking lot
• Work hours are scheduled to be Monday through Friday from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
• Other days and work hours may be extended as necessary due to weather delays and in
order to ensure the project completion date is met
• Proper signage will be posted throughout the property directing guests where to park and
for guest’s safety
• Parking may become limited and the resort is in the process of an alternative parking plan




Resort Improvements, Pool Closure, Sea Wall Repairs + Shoreline Closures

September 2020 Pool Closure for Resurfacing (Posted 2/4/2020): The resurfacing of Maui Sands pool by Ohana Pools is scheduled for Tuesday September 1st through Wednesday September 30th, weather permitting and on time delivery of materials. The first week being the noisiest, the removal process. The next two weeks the replacement process. The last week the newly resurfaced pool will be filled but no swimming allowed due to the chemicals in the pool.

Update from Maui Sands 8/26/19: The work on the sea wall in front of building 5 is complete for this year.

Phase 2 of the sea wall work in front of Building 4 will start May 1, 2020 pending financing for the work.  Phase 2 is estimated to take 4-5 months with an ETA of completion Oct 2020.  This phase will also including installing a new stairway area between buildings 4 and 5. 

We understand that this is going to be a disruption for a great length of time. But we are trying to do everything we can to ensure that it is a smooth process with as few hiccups as possible.  We are giving you these timelines and preliminary information to ensure that if you have a vacation rental property you will have enough lead time to make your guests aware.

Notice dated 2/13/18: Due to ongoing shoreline erosion issues the sunset deck and the stairs next to it have been closed indefinitely.  There is a stairway to ocean access at the north end of Building #4.

2020 Pest Control Schedule (Dates subject to change):

Fri., July 17 at 8:00am

Fri., Oct 9 at 8:00am


PAPAKEA BEACH RESORT:  Individual Unit Improvements and Pest Control:

At Papakea, the following changes will be made effective 3/20/20 per COVID-19 guidlines:

Common Areas (lawns and open areas – not including recreational facilities) – Wednesday, May 27, 2020.

No Association furniture will be available.  Occupants may bring their own chairs or mats for active use.  Unattended furniture left on common areas will be removed by staff.

  • Tennis and pickleball courts – Friday, May 29, 2020.
  • Hours of operation: 8:00 AM – 3:00 P
  • Singles only
    • Reservation is required through the front desk. 
    • Back to back reservations is not allowed to allow for sanitation in between reservations.
    • Putting greens / Shuffleboard courts – Monday, June 1, 2020
    • Hours of operation: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
    • Reservations and equipment available through the front desk
    • Pool/Hot Tub/BBQs/Cabana – Date to be announced – One pool area will be opened. This requires a higher level of sanitization practices and restoration of team member(s); therefore, the opening is planned sometime in the first half of June.  Management is finalizing the details of this opening. More information will be provided in the coming week
    • Front desk / Offices – date to be announced.




Pest control schedule + Resort Improvements (New A/C Chiller Installation):

Posted 01/23/2020:  We are told that preliminary plans are in the works to upgrade the resort's air conditioning system sometime [soon].  We will provide additional details as they become available.

Updated 5/11/2020: The current plan is to start the A/C project on 6/22 and be complete by 7/7.  Chiller system (AC) will be down for about 15 days.  Subject to change.


VALLEY ISLE BEACH RESORT: Resort Improvements/Projects/Shoreline Conditions  

>Scheduled water shut downs 9am to 1pm on the following dates:        


  • June 12th             
  • September 11th         
  • December 11th      


  • March 12th               
  • June 11th                 
  • September 10th 
  • December 10th            

>Commercial Building Project Update as of 7/25/19 The project is currently delayed indefinitely.

Planning for the rebuild of the porte cochere, the lobby, the walkway to the high-rise and the separate building housing the health club which were destroyed in a fire, is underway. Due to the proximity to the ocean, that process has been complex and time consuming. The permitting is now essentially complete and the project was put out to bid and a bid has been accepted. 

The project is currently delayed indefinitely. The actual start date is dependent on final government approvals, contractor schedules and availability of materials, however this page will be updated on a regular basis until the project is complete. 

>Beach access at the Valley Isle Resort may be closed from time to time due to ocean and swell conditions. Sandbags have been installed along the shoreline. 



Facilities Fee Increase (posted 3/09/19) 

Effective April 1, 2019, the Resort Amenities Fee will increase from $20 + tax per night to $25 + tax per night.