Travel Updates & Maintenance/Construction Schedules


The Chase 'N Rainbows 'Ohana appreciates you.  Our aim with this web page is to provide you with the most updated and accurate information possible.  We appreciate your patience as our staff addresses the questions and concerns of each and every guest.  For the quickest response, please email your message to Our staff is using best efforts to respond within 24 hours.

Please note the following important information:  


Beginning Saturday, March 26, 2022, individuals arriving from the continental United States will not be required to create a Safe Travels account, show their COVID-19 vaccination status, or take a pre-travel test when traveling to the Hawaiian Islands.

Travelers arriving to Hawaii on direct international flights must still comply to federal U.S. entry requirements (consult with your airline), may include showing proof of an up-to-date vaccination document and negative pre-travel COVID-19 test result taken within one day of travel. For more information, visit

Governor David Ige announced that the state’s indoor mask mandate will end at 11:59 p.m. on March 25, 2022, when the current emergency proclamation on COVID-19 ends.  Click Here for more details



Please be advised that NOT ALL of these projects apply to your stay.  Please check the applicable resort/condo where you are booked. 



AINA NALU:  Improvement projects will be ongoing in 2022 for the property.  Please be aware that there might be noise and some interuption of the quiet time you maybe here to enjoy.


Exterior Painting Resort-wide - August 01, 2022 - October 21, 2022


There is no beach access on the property and resort staff strongly recommends you use an alternative beach access within walking distance for most.

See: Beach Conditions


Please be advised that Outrigger will be removing wallpaper from their Hokulani commercial space starting today. Work will last until 7/1/2022.

If you have any questions, please email

Please expect intermittent noise, especially at the outsets of the property.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Security at 808-866-5560.

All pools, Hot Tubs, and BBQ’s are now open and fully operational! Pool & Hot Tub Hours: 9:00am—8:00pm and BBQ Hours: 12:00pm—9:00pm.

Security Hours of operations: 24/7 With the travel restrictions, Security will be confirming the quarantine status of all guests entering property. All guests, except Vendor guests (Dukes, Hoola, etc), must be registered with Honua Kai, and, at this time, guests may not host non-registered guests or friends at Honua Kai common areas.

Bell Services are currently available with limited hours of 10am—9pm. (subject to change) 

The fitness center is open daily with limited hours between 6:00am—6:00pm. There is a maximum capacity of 8 guests at one time and guests must wear a facemask at all times while using this facility.

We will be starting the building paint project in the Hokulani tower on January 3rd between the hours of 8:00am – 5:00pm, Monday – Friday.

Attached to this email you will find the updated Building and Paint schedule dated 06/15/2022.

As a friendly reminder, this schedule is subject to change. No access to the lanai areas Monday – Friday between 8am – 4pm. Installation of light fixtures are to be determined.

We work hard with our contractors on this project to provide you the most updated information while providing adequate advance notice although its subject to change.

If you have any questions, please email the Association at

We work hard with our contractors on this project to provide you the most updated information while providing adequate advance notice although it’s subject to change.

If you have any questions, please email the Association at





KAHANA OUTRIGGER: Resort Improvements + unit updates

>Exterior Dry Rot Repairs {Notice UPDATED 6/4/2020}:

  • Building 4 -Sept 13 -Oct 8, 2021 The work on the back lanais was completed in May 2020 so all that is left are the front entry decks.  There should be minimal impact on the property or guests.


The exciting lanai railing update has come! We will be starting the removal and replacement of the railings starting June 6th.

We plan on starting on the 4th floor, north side of building, 422, and working south to 401. We will then move to the 3rd floor and then the 2nd, each floor working north to south.

We are estimating that it will take between 2-3 hours per condo for installation. I will post flyers on doors for guests/owners the day before we plan to enter the condo to do the work.

Steve Arnold
Resident Manager








Resort Maintenance and Spalling Repair - 


You should consider the near-term plan to be somewhat more likely to proceed as shown while the longer-term parts of the plan are very likely to change. We have encountered a number of areas of damage not previously known including some damage that requires work "inside" of units.

Remember that the workplans are estimates and subject to change.

Important Notes:

Attached are workplans that have been updated as of June 19, 2022.

Important Note:
*  The column shoring has been removed from the 19 stack. Units in the 19 stack "may" be ready for rental operations.
    VERY IMPORTANT - While the column shoring has been removed, units may or may not be ready for rental operations.
    Spalling repairs continue on the 19 stack and the condition of each unit will vary along with suitability for rental operations.
    Contact the Resident Manager, Marcus Coleman to determine if your unit in the 19 stack is ready for rental operations.


*  The spalling repair and lanai waterproofing workplans were significantly impacted the last few weeks due to newly discovered damage to a structural column in the 18 stack.
    The project team is focused on restoration of this critical structural component and there has been related impacts to the completion dates of other work.

The 18 stack has structure column shoring from the ground floor to the roof and units may have sliders removed with protection panels installed.
While the columns are shored and/or sliding doors are removed, rental (transient accommodation) guests are prohibited.
    Owners are discouraged from occupying units in the 18 stack but may do so with a waiver of liability to the AOAO.
    Units Impacted are: 118, 218, 318, 418, 518, 618, 718, 818, 918, 1018, 1118, and 1218
*  In all areas; guests must not interfere with or obstruct repair operations or vendor staff.
*  All guests must comply with safety instructions of vendors and AOAO staff which can include vacating units.
*  We will promptly advise rental operators as soon as the units are ready for transient accommodations.

Molokai building lanai waterproofing - has been pushed out to mid-August/early September.
  Delivery of the sliding doors is now projected for mid to late August.
  We are developing a workplan for the work and will share that in the coming weeks.

  We will be starting on the 2nd floor and working our way up to the 12 floor.

Spalling Repairs and Waterproofing Workplans
  While we strive to keep you better updated, remember that the workplans are estimates and subject to change.
  We provide an end-date for lanai waterproofing but that could change if spalling damage is discovered in the process and......
  The end-date for your lanai waterproofing does not mean the "stack" is completed and/or that there are no disruptive repairs in a nearby unit.
  Suitability for rental operations vary considerably from one unit to another on any given day.
  The condition of each unit will vary....Check with the Resident Mgr regarding individual situations.

* Please keep in mind that completion dates mean the repairs have been completed but:  

   If repairs continued into the unit, the vendor and the AOAO restore to original conditions (not incl additions and betterments) and some owner restoration may be required.
  Vendors do a broom clean after repairs and will remove protections they placed for belongings but your housekeepers should clean the unit before occupancy.

I have attached the updated General Spalling Repair and Lanai Bldg waterproofing workplans.
I've also included the Molokai bldg lanai waterproofing outline where work is now slated to start in August 2022, dependent on the arrival of new sliders.

Jim Anderson (for the Board)

All efforts are being made to move repair work forward but delays and revisions to the plan are inevitable. An updated Plan will be sent on a regular basis as the work progresses

Shown below are the latest workplans for overall spalling repairs and lanai waterproofing.