Car Rentals

Flights booked and accommodations booked with Chase 'N Rainbows? Check the last thing off your list and get your rental car booked too. Chase ‘N Rainbows has partnered with Thrifty & Hertz Rental car to provide our guests with an easy and convenient booking process. 
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Thrifty offers your special rates, plus the following benefits adjusted at the rental counter:
Free Additional Driver
Discounted Underage Driver Fee ($10 plus tax per day)
Click on our personal Thrifty page for rates and availability
Rates also available through Hertz - Click here to be directed to their booking page

 Maui Driving Tips & Distances
During your stay in one of our Maui condo rentals, you'll find these driving tips and distances helpful. 
  1. USE SEAT BELTS. IT’S THE LAW: This law applies to all front seat passengers. The police are enforcing this law and will issue a ticket if you are not wearing them. Also in addition to the requirement of child seats for children 4 and under, the law requires children between the ages of four through seven to ride in a booster seat whenever traveling in a motor vehicle.
  2. NO CELLPHONES: In Hawaii, you are not allowed to use your cell phone (texting or talking) without a hands-free device while operating a motor vehicle.
  3. RIGHT ON RED: In Hawaii, you are allowed to turn right on a red light after coming to a complete stop.
  4. USE TURN SIGNALS: It helps the flow of traffic especially at busy intersections.
  5. DRIVE WITHOUT STRESS: Remember you are on Maui. You are on vacation. Most drivers around you are also on vacation and they will take their time. There is no need to be in such a hurry to get to your destination. Allow a generous driving time if you are heading back to the airport or if you have an appointed time for an activity.
  6. BE CONSIDERATE: Try to incorporate the ’Aloha Spirit’. Allow fellow drivers to merge. The most you will lose is one car length or 5 seconds of time. Pump brakes at the most unexpected times especially during Whale season. Do not ruin your vacation by becoming involved in a rear-end collision.
  7. PASSING: Is it really necessary to pass that car especially when there is a string of cars in front of the one you are planning on passing? Is the 5 to 60 seconds that you will gain really worth an accident that can ruin your vacation?
  8. SLOW DRIVING: Please be considerate to the fellow drivers. If you are driving slow to enjoy the views make sure you have no cars behind you or pull over to let them pass.
  9. DRIVING THE MOUNTAIN: When descending Mount Haleakala, try not to use only your brakes. Slip your car into 2nd gear and only use your brakes when absolutely necessary. Drivers who have relied only on their brakes to get them safely down the mountain have found themselves with overheated and useless brakes resulting in an accident.
  10. ROAD TO HANA: The road to Hana is not only beautiful it is also narrow and winding. The road is not exclusive to cars. Small and large trucks also use the road. Stay as far to the right in your lane as possible, especially when negotiating the numerous blind hairpin curves.
  11. THINK YOU’RE LOST? Do not read a map while driving. Please pull over, stop and then study the map. One nice thing about Maui is that there are so few roads (4 basic ones), thus it is very hard to get completely lost. So don’t worry, relax and take your time.
  12. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD: Maui is a beautiful place with much to see. If you are tempted to view your surroundings while driving, please pull over to do so. For the safety and courtesy of other drivers, please keep your eyes on the road while driving.


 Driving Distance on the Island of Maui 

Ma'alaea47. 13.06.5
Wailea60. 16.5