Pioneer Mill Co. Ltd

The Pioneer Mill Co. Ltd is a very special part of Maui's history, stemming all the way back to the 1860's. As the first plantation to produce sugar commercially on Maui, and with a 100+ year run, most Maui locals have some connection or story to tell about the Pioneer Mill Co. Ltd. During its peak, the company produced over 60k tons of sugar annually. If you were born before the Pioneer Mill Co. Ltd closed in 1999, it's very possible some sweet treat you enjoyed was powered by Maui grown sugar. 

The Pioneer Mill Co in Lahaina, Maui

When the mill closed down for good in 1999, the Lahaina Restoration Foundation took over. By then, only the iconic smokestack and a few crumbling buildings were left standing. The Lahaina Restoration Foundation worked quickly to preserve the smokestack, and add commemorative touches to the area. 

The clock at the Pioneer Mill Co in Lahaina

Today, you can visit and see the Pioneer Mill Co. Ltd smokestack, a commemorative walkway and exhibits which feature antique mill and cane equipment. 

Train aficionados and children will absolutely love the antique locomotives on site.

Pioneer Mill Co. Ltd Details

  • Hours: open daily from dusk till dawn
  • Location: 277 Lahainaluna Road, Lahaina, HI 96761

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