Mokule'ia Beach - Slaughterhouse Beach

Mokulei'ia Bay or better known to the locals as Slaughterhouse Beach. The name "Slaughterhouse Beach" comes from the Honolua Ranch slaughterhouse and tanning/storage shed that was (conveniently) located on the cliff's edge above the ocean. The ranch was torn down in the 60's and what remains is the beautiful protected sandy beach along with its nickname "Slaughterhouse". 

Mokulei'ia Bay is part of the same preserve as its neighbor Honolua Bay: the Honolua Mokule'ia Bay Marine Life Conservation District. Slaughterhouse Beach shares the beauty that Honolua Bay captures but includes a sandy beach. There are concrete stairs with a railing that will take you from the street parking down to the sandy beach.

During the Winter months, there are often large well-formed waves that are perfect for the more experienced and seasoned swimmers. In the summer months, the waves are much calmer allowing for snorkeling and unseasoned swimmers. 

  • Golden-white sandy beach
  • Strong rip currents and powerful waves are common in Winter months
  • Windy and rainy in the afternoons
  • Good bodyboarding and bodysurfing during North swells
  • no lifeguard
  • no public restrooms
  • Street Parking