U.S. Seamen's Hospital

Oh - The U.S. Seamen's Hospital. While this building did serve as a hospital for injured United States seamen for a while, it has also been home to a great variety of other intiguing tales. The building was reduced to rubble by the 1970s and the Lahaina Restoration Foundation teamed up with Architect Uwe Schulz to restore the building to its original state. 

US Marine Hospital in Lahaina

Today the building is used as office space for various businesses, but you can still enjoy the outside of the building and learn about its unique history (and there is a lot of history to learn about). In its ~200 years of existence, The U.S. Seamen's Hospital has been home to many groups and individuals.

U.S. Seamen's Hospital History

  • King Kamehameha III - It is rumored that the King Kamehameha the third (the third king of the kingdom of Hawaii) was behind the development of this building in the 1800s. He is rumored to have used the building (which offered privacy and discretion) to drink spirits and meet with those that it was frowned upon for him to sit with. 
  • Joaquin Armas - Some time later, a Mexican cowboy named Joaquin Armas took up residence in this building in exchange for rouding up island cattle for the king. 
  • United States - From the 1840s until 1860, the United States used this building to care for injured seamen. 
  • Other - The building has also been home to a boarding school, civic groups and families.