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Maintenance Information

Aloha to our extended ohana (family).  We have developed this portion of our website to aid you in the areas of booking your unitmaintenance or renovation and property management.  If you have any questions that require more information or specialized assistance, please feel free to contact us at any time by phoning the owner hotline toll free, 1-866-290-5793.

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Please Call for Bookings inside 48 hours of arrival to Ensure Your Unit Will be Prepared in Time for check in. If prompted our property managment ID # is: 2857

Using the Owner Portal as an Owner

The owner portal allows you easy access to some of your property information, and it also offers you a direct line of communication to your property management company (PMC). You can view your property's availability on a calendar, get an overview of your property's performance, send messages directly to your PMC, and view any message history.

Log in to the Owner Portal for the First Time

Complete the following steps to log in to the owner portal:

  1. Contact your PMC, and then ask them to provide you access to the owner portal. They send you an invitation welcome email. 

  2. In the welcome email, click the registration link to display the Owner Portal Reset Password page.

  3. Enter a new password. The password must be at least eight characters long and contain at least one of each of the followings: uppercase letter, lowercase letter, and number.

  4. Enter your password again in Re-enter Password.

  5. Click Submit to update your password and log in to the owner portal.

    Reset Your Password

    If you forget your password to the owner portal, or if you are logging on from a different computer that does not have access to your password, you can reset your password yourself. Complete the following steps to reset your owner portal password:

  1. Display your owner portal log in page.

  2. Click Forgot Password under the login section to display the Owner Portal Forgot Password page.

  3. Enter your email address in Email.

  4. Click SUBMIT to send the password reset email to your email address.

  5. Open your email to locate the password reset email, and then click the forgot password link to display the Owner Portal Reset Password page.

  6. Enter a new password. The password must be at least eight characters long and contain at least one of each of the following: uppercase letter, lowercase letter, and number.

  7. Enter your password again in Re-enter Password.

  8. Click Submit to update your password and log in to the owner portal.

    Owners with Multiple Properties

    You can access all of the properties tied to your owner record in the property management software, so most owners should only need one login for the owner portal. However if you have multiple properties, and you are configured as a separate, individual owner record for each of those properties, you are required to have separate logins for the owner portal. Each login must have a unique email address. They cannot all use the same email address. If you want to view your multiple properties in the owner portal with one login, then you must contact your property management company to consolidate to only have one owner record.
    An example of an owner having separate owner records for each of their properties is so that they can get separate 1099s and owner statements.

    Navigating the Owner Portal

    The current property's name is displayed near the top left of the owner portal. If you own multiple properties, the property name is a pull-down menu, and you can use this to select a different property.
    The owner portal has six sections listed on the left side of the owner portal: dashboard, messages, Calendar, performance, listing settings, and owner settings.


    This is page displayed when you log in. It contains an overview of key metrics for the selected property. There are three different sections on the dashboard:

  • January to Previous Month- The date range for this section starts at the beginning of the year and ends at the most recent owner statement you received. It displays the total owner net reservation revenue amount, the total owner net reservation revenue amount for the same date range the previous year, and the total number of bookings for the current year's date range.
    For example, if you are viewing this page on June 15th and revenue has only been processed for May, on this date in both 2016 and 2017 respectively, then the date range for both years is January through May.

  • Month of- This sections displays the total booking amount for the current month, the total booking amount for the same month the previous year, and the total number of bookings for the current month.

  • Occupancy- This section displays the occupancy percentages for a selected date range. It includes the percentage that the property was not occupied, the percentage that the property was occupied, and the percentage that the property unavailable. The range defaults to the previous 60 days, however you can manually select a different date range. You can also hover your mouse over the different percentage bars to display the number of days within the date range the property was not occupied, occupied, and unavailable.


    Booking Summary

    This is a detailed summary showing information about your past and future bookings so you can gauge the performance of your property.
    Select a date range from the date pull-down menus at the top to display all reservations that started and ended within the selected date range. Each reservation displays the following information:

  • From- The start date of the reservation.

  • To- The end date of the reservation.

  • Nights- The total number of nights for the reservation.

  • Guests- The total number of guests on the reservation.

  • Rent- The gross booking total for the reservation. Since this is the gross, the rental income on your owner statement is less than this amount.



    This page displays any messages and any replies to messages that have been sent between you and your property management company (PMC). The conversations are minimized by default, and you can click on any conversation to expand the entire thread.

    To quickly find a specific message, you can use the Keyword search. The search results are displayed in real-time. You can also filter the messages. The filter pull-down menu has three options:

  • All- Displays all messages.

  • General- Displays only messages sent between you and your PMC.

  • Statements- Displays only owner statements. The statements are stored as PDFs. If you expand an owner statement message, you can click OWNER to download and display the PDF owner statement.

    Send a Message

    You can also send new messages to your PMC. Complete the following steps to send a message:

  1. Click New Message to display the New Message dialog box.

  2. Click Attach File to attach and files to your message.

  3. Select which property the message is referring to from the In reference to pull-down menu. If you only have one property, this menu is grayed out.

  4. Enter the Subject of the message.

  5. Enter the Body of the message. You can format the body of the message using the available formatting tools.

  6. Click Send to send the message.



    The calendar displays your property's availablity in a monthly or yearly calendar view. Any current reservations for the property are displayed as a pink line over the reservation's dates. It also displays the number of nights and the number of guests for each reservation. Clicking on a reservation displays more details about the reservation and further options.

    Create Owner Reservations

    You can create owner reservations yourself from the calendar. Complete the following steps to create an owner reservation:

  1. Click Create Reservation to display the Add Reservation page.

  2. Select Check In date and Check Out date.

  3. Select the Stay Type. The options are owner and guest of owner.

  4. Select the number of adults staying in No of Adults.

  5. Select the number of children staying in No of Children.

  6. Select if you Will take care of housekeeping. This indicates to the property manager they are responsible for cleaning the property after departure.

  7. Enter any Reservation Notes.

  8. Click Save Reservation. It can take up to 60 seconds for a new reservation to appear on the calendar.

    Edit and Cancel Reservations

    You can edit or cancel any reservation on the calendar. Click on any reservation to display the reservation's dialog box. You have three options:

  • Cancel Reservation- This cancels the reservation.

  • Edit Reservation- This displays the Edit Reservation page. You can make any needed edits, and then click Save Reservation to save those changes.

  • OK- This closes the dialog box and returns you to the Calendar page.



    Performance goes into more detail than the high-level summary found on the main Dashboard page.

    At the top of the Performance page, you can select a date range, and then select one of three different data options: BookingsBooked Nights, and Rental Income. You can place your mouse pointer over the chart to find specific amounts for the date range. Rental income only displays processed revenue. It does not include future bookings, so bookings beyond the current date show as $0.

    At the bottom of the Performance page, there are the Potential Revenue and Reservation Source sections. You change the year for the information displayed. In the Reservation Source section, the middle of the graph displays the total rental income for the selected year as of the current date. You can also place your mouse pointer over the different sections of the graph to get more specific details, such as the rental income amount and the percentage of the total for that source.


    Listing Settings

    This displays the photos and descriptions of your property that are entered in your PMC's property management software. There are two listing settings pages:

  • Photos- This displays any images and the image descriptions for your property.

  • Description- This displays the main or overview description for your property.