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Talking Story is a local pastime that originated as a verbal means of communication by the native Hawaiians. Our Talk Story Blogs are meant to carry on that tradition by sharing stories about our  island home.  

  • Types of Lei: A young couple embrace while wearing newly adorned lei.

    May Day is Lei Day: Exploring the Different Types of Lei

    Few symbols are as iconic and beloved as the lei in the vibrant tapestry of Hawaiian culture. These intricately crafted garlands hold deep significance, symbolizing love and respect. Throughout the islands, various types of lei are created using traditional methods passed down through generations, each with its unique style and symbolism. In celebration of Lei Day, Chase ‘N Rainbows wants to showcase the different kinds of lei.

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  • West Maui Luau: Three fire dancers show off their skills at a West Maui luau celebration.

    Where to Go for a Lū’au in West Maui

    Given the cultural significance, it’s no surprise that many West Maui visitors have put “attend a lū’au” firmly atop their must-do activities list. And although we may be a tad biased, the lū’aus on our side of the island are some of Hawaii’s best. While all closed as a result of the August 2023 wildfire, most have reopened, and Chase ‘N Rainbows has created an easy West Maui lū’au guide to help you find what’s available, including some new ones.

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  • West Maui Grocery Stores and Farmer's Markets: A fruit display at the fruit market.

    Available West Maui Grocery Stores and Farmer’s Markets

    One of the advantages of staying in Maui vacation rentals and condos is the ability to make meals in your kitchen. That means many of our guests are probably wondering which West Maui grocery stores and farmer’s markets are operating and when they’re available. So, to help you decide what options are best for you and your group, we put together a quick guide showing where you can go, their hours of operation, and phone numbers.

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  • Our Picks: Top 4 Places for the Best Desserts in Maui

    There’s something about being in warm weather that makes you crave sweets, and luckily, West Maui is home to some of the island’s most beloved desserts.

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  • Eggs Benedict Breakfast

    Best Breakfast in West Maui – The Guide to What’s Open

    The spirit of Aloha seems to be in every West Maui restaurant, and with so many options, how’s a person to choose the best one? The good news is we have the local’s scoop on the best places to grab a classic breakfast, quick bite, a luxurious spread and weekend brunch. 

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  • Maui Vacation: A scenic view of a beautiful beach in Maui.

    What to Know for Planning Your Next Maui Vacation

    Days after the wildfires ravaged Maui, the initial response was to ask people to cancel their vacations. Although this decision was difficult, allowing the community to heal as much as possible after such a loss was crucial. There’s no denying that our beloved isle has a tourism-based economy, so we’re looking forward to visitors returning responsibly. If you’re ready to reestablish your Maui vacation plans, there are a few things you may be wondering and want to consider.

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