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Best West Maui Kayak Tours

Loads of sunshine and relatively rain-free months year round make West Maui an excellent place for kayaking. The waters surrounding West Maui are dense with life, and on any kayaking trip you might encounter Green Sea Turtles, tropical fish, and even Humpback Whales! There are short kayaking trips for novices, and those in strong physical shape can enjoy longer excursions to unique environments like the rugged sea cliffs of Pali.

West Maui kayaking is an excellent activity for families and couples, and singles can join a group tour and meet new friends. The island is dense with kayak excursion tour guides, so to help you find the best trip for your lifestyle, we’ve made a guide to the best West Maui Kayak tours.

Pali Sea Cliff Tour by South Pacific Kayaks Maui

The Pali Sea Cliff Tour is a longer kayaking tour, so it’s best for those in good physical shape. This five mile kayak trip is definately worth the paddle, taking you to the rugged sea cliffs of Pali. You’ll enjoy two to three snorkel stops on your trip, all in areas that are teeming with wildlife.

You can expect to see the infamous (and endangered) Green Sea Turtle, among other beautiful water dwellers. This tour can be booked in public (ages 16+) or private groups (ages 12+). If you’re looking to experience the natural beauty of West Maui, we highly recommend this kayaking excursion. 

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Kelii’s 2.5 Hour Kayak & Snorkeling Tour by Kelii’s Kayak Tours

The 2.5 Hour Kayaking & Snorkeling Tour by Kelii’s Kayak Tours is our top choice for those with children (although adults will love this tour just as much). You’ll paddle about two and a half miles, and snorkel for around 45 minutes. The waters are calm and all skill levels are welcome, which is why this tour is so great for those with kiddos.

Even with the shorter excursion length, you’ll get a chance to see tropical fish, Green Sea Turtles and Humpback Whales (if it’s the right time of year, as they come to West Maui seasonally). Kelii’s also offers a 3.5 to 4 hour kayaking trip, so you can experience two different reefs. 

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Kayak, Whale Watch & Snorkel Excursion by Maui Adventure Tours

West Maui Adventure Tours is our top choice for an exciting and educational kayak excursion. Each year, from December to May, the Humpback Whales take over Olowalu. They make grand entrances from below the surface, giving visitors the opportunity to view this magnificent creature in detail.

Your West Maui Adventure Tour guide will teach you all about this annual migration, as you watch from the center of the Hawaiian Islands National Whale Marine Sanctuary. West Maui Adventures also offers a Turtle Reef Kayak & Snorkel Excursion, which is a great choice when the whales aren’t in season.

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We hope our guide to the best West Maui kayak tours helped you find the perfect excursion. If you’re still not sure which tour is best for you, check out our guide to snorkeling, kayaking and water excursions in West Maui. Planning a vacation to West Maui? Don’t forget to book your Chase ‘N Rainbows vacation rental. Contact us today for more information. 

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