Aloha Mixed Plate - Lahaina

Aloha Mixed Plate is a tradition of excellence. Their ingredients are sourced locally, and their dishes are fresh and healthy. They have a beachside open-air patio with umbrellas for shade. Stop by and enjoy their traditional Hawaiian platters and jumbo portions today. Aloha Mixed Plate is perfect for vegetarians, vegans and those who keep a gluten-free diet. 

Eggs Benedict Breakfast

What to Eat at Aloha Mixed Plate

  • Poi Parfait - This refreshing breakfast or treat uses Hoaloha Farms poi, which is locally sourced. The poi is topped with Leoda's granola and sweet coconut whipped cream. 
  • Katsu French Toast - This is almost too delicious! Chocolate banana bread pudding served with vanilla cream sauce.
  • Spamp & Egg Sandwich - You've never had Spam the right way if you havn't tried it in Maui! This Spamp & Egg sandwich comes with a house salad and Hoaloha Farms kalo chips.