Cool Cat's Cafe - Lahaina

Cool Cat's Cafe is a fun blast from the past. Get cozy in a red booth with giant record-shaped tables as you sip on milkshakes. The walls of the cafe are decorated with vintage posters and comics and the floors shine with black and white checkers. Cool Cat's Cafe serves up burgers and patty melts, chili cheese dogs, milkshakes and more. There are veggie burgers available and they have been voted Best Burger on Maui for 13 years!

Fresh Old Fashioned Cheese Burger

Cool Cat's Cafe Build Your Own Milkshake

  1. Pick your ice cream - choose from chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, kona coffee and mint chocolate chip.
  2. Pick your toppings - Oreo cookies, Butterfingers, M&Ms, Reese's, choco chips, Heath bars, macadamia nuts, bananas, pineapple & more.
  3. Pick your sauces - Peanut butter, chocolate, caramel & Nutella.

Our Recommended Cool Cat's Cafe Milkshakes

  • For Mom - Kona Coffee ice cream with banana and macadamia nuts, topped off with a swirl of caramel.
  • For Dad - Mint chocolate chip ice cream with oreo cookies and a hint of nutella.
  • For the Kiddos - Vanilla ice cream with Reese's PB Cups and a swirl of caramel.