Paia Fishmarket Restaurant - Lahaina

Stop by Paia Fishmarket in Lahaina for a healthy, local treat. Since 1989, Paia Fishmarket has been serving Maui with fresh, delicious seafood, coleslaw and cripsy onion rings and fries! This local favorite is as affordable as it is delicious. They offer beer and wine for the adults and a special kids menu with fish sticks for the kiddos. 

Fresh Fish Tacos at a Maui Restaurant

Local, Fresh Lahaina Seafood

When in Lahaina... eat all the fresh seafood you can get your hands on! Paia Fishmarket sources their fresh fish from local fisherman off the shores of the Hawaiian Islands. When possible, product is selected from valley isle vendors and that taste is reflected in every dish. 

Crab Cake Burger with Fries at a Maui Restaurant

Our Favorite Meals from Paia Fishmarket

  • Mahi Charbroiled Burger - Served with cole slaw, cheddar cheese and homemade tartar sauce, this dish is perfect for refueling after a day of hitting the waves. Pair with a side of fries and you might just come back each day.
  • Shrimp Fajitas - Shrimp so good you'll freak! You can taste the olive oil, garlic and wine sautee that makes these shrimp tacos the talk of the town. Top it off with whole made salsa, tomatoes and a sprinkling of cheese. 
  • Deep Fried Calamari - This is the perfect dish to share with family over drinks after a long day in the sun. A lot of places do fried calamari but not all places can perfect the right amount of salty and crispy like Paia Fishmarket does.