Sale Pepe - Lahaina

La Famiglia Di Bari opened Sale Pepe in Lahaina to celebrate their love of Italian food. They are open for dinner Monday through Saturday from 5pm to 10pm. Their brick oven pizzas are classic and their pasta dishes are all made with fresh and organic pasta. They have vegtarian and raw options for those who keep specials diets. 


What to Eat at Sale Pepe in Lahaina

  • Crudo Di Zucchine - Local, raw zucchini that is spiralized to perfection. Tossed in EVOO and lemon and topped with toasted walnuts. 
  • Pizza - We can't pick this pizza for you, because they have too many delicious options. But you could always start with the tomato, fior di latte and basil pizza.
  • Lasagna - This lasagna may be better than grandma's! It's made with Maui Cattle Co. beef ragu, mozzarella, bechamel and parmiggiano.