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Where to Go for a Lū’au in West Maui

West Maui Luau: Three fire dancers show off their skills at a West Maui luau celebration.

Given the cultural significance, it’s no surprise that many West Maui visitors have put “attend a lū’au” firmly atop their must-do activities list. And although we may be a tad biased, the lū’aus on our side of the island are some of Hawaii’s best. While all closed as a result of the August 2023 wildfire, most have reopened, and Chase ‘N Rainbows has created an easy West Maui lū’au guide to help you find what’s available, including some new ones.

Find the Best West Maui Lū’au

Drums of the Pacific | 808-667-4727

Maui Nui | 877-846-5554

Myths of Maui | 833-539-5150

Old Lāhainā | 808-667-1998

Sunset Lū’au | (808) 662-6627

Tales of the Kapa Moe | 808-665-7089

Wailele Polynesian Lū’au | 808-661-2992

What to Know Before Attending Your First West Maui Lū’au

Before you attend a lū’au for the first time, you should know a few things.

  • Experience: A lū’au is a combination of feast and festivities, and more importantly, it shares the culture of Hawaii. Some Maui lū’au shows may be dedicated specifically to Hawaiian culture, while others embrace Polynesia with exciting fire knife dances. There may be lei greetings, cultural demonstrations or activities, but all offer an abundance of delicious food, tropical cocktails, and storytelling through music and dance.
  • Food:  Nearly all lū’aus will have traditional foods like shredded smoky kalua pork, fish poke, poi, and haupia coconut pudding. You’ll find a variety of familiar entrees, salads, starches, and sides from abundant buffets to sample everything and eat as much as you want! Many include an open bar serving your favorite tropical cocktails, beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Attire: Attire for lū’aus can be dressy or casual, depending on the lū’au you choose. We recommend shopping on Maui for an Aloha shirt paired with slacks/shorts or a dress available in both bright or muted colors and patterns to suit your style and taste. Wear a flower on your left ear, which means you’re taken, and on your right to signify your availability! Casual beach footwear, including flip-flops, is allowed, and you may find yourself barefoot before night’s end!
  • Cost: An authentic lū’au experience can last two to four hours and starts at around $100 per guest. Prices vary greatly depending on the amenities, menu, inclusions, upgrades, deals, and production costs. Cash tips are always appreciated unless otherwise noted at the lū’au.
  • Reservations: Advance reservations are strongly recommended since they often sell out weeks or months in advance. Lū’aus are extremely popular and one of the top things to do in West Maui.

Discover Your West Maui Vacation Rental

Cultural immersion is a cornerstone of any vacation experience, so when you come to West Maui, we encourage you to attend at least one lū’au. The dedication it takes to execute such a performance is extraordinary, and you’ll enjoy an authentic cultural experience. We promise it’s something you’ll never forget. In the meantime, we invite you to peruse our vacation condo rentals, which offer the perfect combination of luxury and affordability, all on or near the beach. Book your stay online and start planning your Maui getaway today!

Available West Maui Grocery Stores and Farmer’s Markets

West Maui Grocery Stores and Farmer's Markets: A fruit display at the fruit market.

One of the advantages of staying in Maui vacation rentals and condos is the ability to make meals in your kitchen. That means many of our guests are probably wondering which West Maui grocery stores and farmer’s markets are operating and when they’re available. So, to help you decide what options are best for you and your group, we put together a quick guide showing where you can go, their hours of operation, and phone numbers.

West Maui Grocery Stores in Ka’anapali and Honokōwai-Nāpili

Ka’anapali Grocery Stores

Honokōwai-Nāpili Grocery Stores

West Maui Farmer’s Markets

Ka’anapali Farmer’s Markets

West Maui Condo Rentals in Ka’anapali

West Maui grocery stores and farmer’s markets play an important role in the vacation experience for those willing to create meals from the comfort of their Maui condo rental. Thankfully, many of our Maui vacation rentals are ideally located, ensuring convenient shopping and ease of travel. One of the best ways to “live like a local” is to support local businesses; food sellers are no exception.

Start planning your Maui vacation today by connecting with us online or calling (877) 611-6022.

Due to the Lāhainā wildfires on August 8, 2023, West Maui businesses are striving to reopen, but menu items or operating hours may have changed. We are providing links and/or phone numbers to contact the business directly for any updated information. When visiting West Maui, please support our local businesses!

This blog is posted on: February 27, 2024

What to Know for Planning Your Next Maui Vacation

Maui Vacation: A scenic view of a beautiful beach in Maui.

The wildfires in August 2023 devastated the town of Lahaina and forced the closure of many small businesses in West Maui. As businesses begin to reopen, please support our West Maui restaurants and activity vendors.

Days after the wildfires ravaged Maui, the initial response was to ask people to cancel their vacations. Although this decision was difficult, allowing the community to heal as much as possible after such a loss was crucial. There’s no denying that our beloved isle has a tourism-based economy, so we’re looking forward to visitors returning responsibly. If you’re ready to reestablish your Maui vacation plans, there are a few things you may be wondering and want to consider.

Lending a Helping Hand

As the community moves forward with what’s left and rebuilds from a strong foundation, we’ll continue to do our part. By providing our vacation rentals as safe havens for disaster workers, we’ve proudly helped make these valued visitors feel at home while giving them a launch pad for their efforts. With that in mind, if you’re looking for a volunteer opportunity, reach out to let us know, and we’ll help you find the best place to stay. And even if you aren’t volunteering, simply visiting is one of the best ways to support Maui. 

Where to Go During Your Maui Vacation

As you begin creating your vacation itinerary, you’ll quickly realize there are some areas you can’t and shouldn’t go on the northwestern side of Maui. For example, Lāhainā and its surrounding areas remain inaccessible, while Kā’anapali, Nāpili, Honokōwai, and Kapalua are open. The silver lining is that the northwestern portion is a relatively small area compared to other parts, boasting dense rainforests, iconic black-sand beaches, and immersive hiking trails. And with fewer crowds, now is an excellent time to explore.

Maui Vacation Rentals and Resort Condos

Property Management Hero image

Supporting local businesses is essential to many people working in Maui, and a vacation is an excellent way to do that while creating cherished memories. Chase ‘N Rainbows is a locally owned company offering a vast collection of vacation rentals, including affordable and luxurious accommodations. Reach out online and book your Maui getaway today!

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