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Waterfall Hikes in Maui

Finding the Best Waterfalls in Maui

Water Falls in Maui: Twin Falls is among the best waterfalls in Maui.

The waterfalls in Maui are captivating natural attractions you shouldn’t miss during your vacation. To add to the allure, many of these mesmerizing displays have paved viewing sites that are safe and comfortable for visitors, while other waterfalls are not as easily accessible. No matter how you prefer to experience these beautiful wonders, here are a few recommendations to help you narrow down your choices and make the most of the best Maui waterfalls and ways to enjoy them.

Waterfall Safety

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment when you’re seeking out waterfalls in Maui, but safety is crucial. Here are some tips:

  • If safe parking isn’t available, move on and do not cause traffic jams
  • Heed all warning signs
  • Stay on marked trails and be prepared for slippery conditions
  • Streams and waterfalls may not be safe to drink or swim. 
  • Rainy weather upstream could mean dangerous flash flooding downstream

Twin Falls

Twin Falls is one of the first stops along the Road to Hana. Parking is limited to a first-come-first-serve basis, so you’ll need to do some planning. Still, management at Twin Falls is dedicated to ensuring easy access for visitors, making this stop worth the effort. The round-trip hike to see Twin Falls is a moderately challenging route for most, taking nearly an hour to complete. 

It’s important to use care when walking because the trail has loose rocks and is sometimes muddy. The trail will bring you to a resting area near the waterfall with lush surroundings and a swimming area. Since Twin Falls is on a farm property, visitors can also enjoy local fruit and smoothies before or after their hike.

Pua’a Ka‘a State Wayside

Starting with a low-key spot to rest, stop for a bathroom break or a picnic, Pua’a Ka‘a State Wayside is an inviting introduction to waterfalls in Maui. It’s one of the more accessible waterfalls because of dedicated off-street parking and a paved trail leading to several small waterfalls.  A dirt rainforest trail across the road from the bathrooms leads to an open area with a swimming hole and a modest yet pretty waterfall.

Kings Garden

If you’re looking for a more exclusive way to experience one of the best waterfalls in Maui, The Kings Gardens is a worthy consideration. Set amid a native rainforest with prehistoric flora and an ancient water cave, The Kings Gardens offers a two-hour private tour with a knowledgeable guide. The archeological area is an enriching historical site, but the main draw is the private cascading waterfall visible from two vantage points. The hike is an immersive experience that also lets you see chocolate grow in its natural habitat.

Maui’s Garden of Eden

Located directly adjacent to the legendary Puohokamoa Waterfall, Maui’s Garden of Eden is a treasure trove of scenic beauty. Featuring 26 acres of rainforest, three waterfall lookouts, and over two miles of trails, Maui’s Garden of Eden lives up to its name. Although standard admission doesn’t permit access to Puohokamoa Waterfall, you can witness it from a lookout or schedule a tour with Rappel Maui (see below).

Rappel Maui

For adventurers seeking an adrenaline boost, Rappel Maui offers the perfect blend of tranquility and excitement within Maui’s Garden of Eden. Visitors will explore waterfalls, tropical canyons, and serene freshwater pools via their choice of a group tour or private tour. As the island’s only waterfall rappelling service, Rappel Maui offers a unique experience you’ll remember forever. 

Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours

For an aerial perspective of hidden waterfalls on Maui, you should contact Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours. Jaw-dropping panoramic views, awe-inspiring craters, and iconic mountaintops are all visible from the clouds. The West Maui and Molokai tour showcases nearly 90 miles of pristine shoreline, captivating cliffsides, and stunning cascades—most of which aren’t visible from ground level. 

West Maui Vacation Rentals and Condo Resorts

Discovering Maui waterfalls is one of the most popular things to do for visitors. Outdoor adventure is abundant on this beautiful island. There’s nothing like making yourself at home in the comfort of your vacation condo rental. Prepare a hearty breakfast or a picnic lunch in your fully equipped kitchen. At the end of each day of exploration, many condos have in-room or on-site laundry to be ready for another day of adventure. What’s more, many tour services offer pickup from your West Maui vacation rental in Ka’anapali, Honokawai, or Kahana. To start planning your Maui vacation, please visit us online and book your stay today.

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